Facilities Use Request

First time users please click on the blue button on the right side of this page to request the use of Fremont High School Facilities.  Please keep in mind that Fremont Public Schools does have a fee for the use of the facilities except under certain circumstances that meet policy criteria.


  • When first making a request you will have to fill out some information about yourself and your organization.  Please be as complete as possible. 
  • Next, please state what you are using the facility for on the first line and then pick the dates and times.  Time should include what time the event starts and ends. 
  • After you pick the dates and times, a screen will appear with your request.  Under the "Location" column select "edit".  At this point you may select the facility that you want to use.  If it does not allow you to select the facility you want, that means that the facility is unavailable. You can also use this link to see what spaces are currently available: http://fs-fremont.rschooltoday.com/calendar/index/publicview/ 
  • Other columns can be used to express more specific information.


After the request has been submitted, allow 24 hours for processing before you receive email confirmation or denial.  If it is approved, you will receive a contract by email. 

If you have never requested a facility before you will also receive an email with a PIN number that will allow you to return the contract electronically.  Please read, enter your pin number/sign, and return the form to Scott Anderson at Fremont High School, 1750 N. Lincoln Ave. 68025 or by email at anderson.scott@fpsmail.org


If you have questions please call the Fremont High School Activites Office at 402-727-3063 and ask for Scott Anderson